The Word of God Through the Life of The Heavenly Man


When we think of the core of human belief and what it took for Christianity to become such a widespread religion, we imagine the sacrificing of Christ’s life and the persecution his disciples have undergone for spreading his word. Just the thought of ancient Rome is synonymous for torture and murder for many Christian believers. Many martyrs have also met the same fate, having their lives taken because of preaching the word of God and it is their dedication and selflessness to help protect others that made most of them become beloved saints.


While it seems we are far from those days of religious misunderstanding and dismissal, we need not look further than the life of Chinese evangelist Liu Zhenying, also known as Brother Yun, to see we are one of the lucky ones because there are believers who still get punished for their love for God. His autobiographical The Heavenly Man delves deeply into his life and serves as an inspiration for all generations as a proof that the strength of beliefs is magnificent and God is always with us in times of need.

The autobiography takes us back to Brother Yun’s youth and how his reading of the Bible turns into an everyday activity that makes such an impact on his life that he was summoned by God to preach. His preaching caught the attention of many and by refusing to be part of the Chinese Christian organisation that was very much controlled by the government, he made himself subjected to a great deal of torture and imprisonment. The Heavenly Man nickname was given to him when he chose not to give authorities his real name in order to protect his village by simply replying he was a man who belonged to Heaven.

His dedication to spreading the love of God has touched the lives of many, and he even used his time in prison to reach out to more believers. Having spent years and years being imprisoned, this period of his life was the one of healing and miracles. Along with fasting without food and water for more than 70 days, he managed to escape a prison of maximum security obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit which led him through the prison gates. He later on got asylum in Germany where he still lives to this day and is the leader of the “Back to Jerusalem Movement”. From the poor boy of a Chinese village to the famous Christian leader and preacher, the life of Brother Yun described in his autobiography has helped many people by serving as an encouragement to Christians worldwide not to be fearful of their faith.