Audio Bibles: The Modern Way to God’s Words


For some, the Bible is a book that paints God’s words and helps people get a better understanding of Jesus, while for others, it is a guide on how to live life to the fullest. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure – in order to increase your faith and get closer to the Lord, it is essential that you actually read the Bible. By reading it, the Spirit of God will have a subconscious influence on you helping you to strengthen your hopes and have more positive thoughts. And you know how great and imporatant the power of positive thinking is – postive thoughts lead to positive life.

As a matter of fact, people in the past read the Holly book much more often than the people of today. According to a research, when asked about reading the Bible, most people responded that they did not have much time for reading because of their busy schedules. So if that is the reason why you are not reading it, here’s the good news – the Bible Audio is just what you need to stay close to the word and love of the Lord.


Listening to the Bible audio is a convenient way to never stray from the right path and to establish a connection the God’s words. You can listen to it practically anywhere – while on the bus, on the train, in the car while driving to work or while performing any of the mundane daily tasks. Just put your headphones on and sail away to a whole different world. Many Bible audios come with a CD of MP3 files that you can copy in your cell phone or music device and listen to them anytime you deem appropriate.

In addition to being an interesting way to connect with God, the Bible audio also saves your eyes from the hard work of reading the small prints in the Bible. Furthermore, it may reveal new perspectives within the Scripture – listening to a passage you’ve read before may give you a whole new understanding of it.

If you like reading the Bible, then you will find great joy and comfort listening to its audio too. When facing discouragement and tough situations, just press play on your device, and the Lord will surely help you restore your hope and find joy! In the future, even if you don’t have the Bible audio with you, it will be easier to remember the verses you so much need to hear at that moment to lift you up and warm your heart.